5 reasons to appreciate the Captyn management platform this Thanksgiving

Before Thanksgiving dinner, we here at Captyn like to go around the table and say what we appreciate. This year, more than ever, we’re grateful for our fantastic users. Turns out, they’re grateful for us too! Come in, sit down, and fill your plate with the reasons why. 


The spirit of Thanksgiving isn’t just about saying thanks; it’s about helping others–something our customers know a thing or two about:

“Thanks for your assistance in always helping out with our needs. The team loves working with you guys and we both appreciate how quickly you get back with us. I LOVE CAPTYN!!

-Chad Onken

Quest Swim School


After a couple appetizers, a few drinks, and a large meal, any kind of movement on Thanksgiving can prove difficult. Luckily, moving clients within Captyn is much less of a workout: 

“Moving students from one class to another is simple and straightforward. The duplication feature is one we use often; it’s so easy to create multiple offerings for our swim lessons, which have four levels for each time period. The check-out process is streamlined and intuitive. Our customers are happy!”

-Kevin Calhoun

Transylvania University


Sitting around the table for 3pm Thanksgiving dinner is, for many, their only time to truly catch up with family. Maybe that’s on purpose…

What’s a little more certain is that communicating on Captyn can happen as often as you want:

“Captyn makes our day to day life easier. All administration can be done from a phone or tablet, limiting sitting at a computer. We can communicate with our customers quickly and easily. We can edit our offerings at any time. Captyn has made us more efficient.”

-Jilian N

Freedom Swim School


Whether you’re swapping stories or passing sweet potatoes, spreading the love is what Thanksgiving is all about:

“Unbelievably satisfied and excited to share with colleagues and coworkers that switching to using Captyn can vastly improve their operations and the quality of their work life.”

-Logan Simpson

Columbia College, Head Swim Coach


Once the plates are licked clean (and then actually cleaned), there’s nothing quite like kicking your feet up, disconnecting from your troubles, and maybe doing a little dozing. Keep your operations streaming while your phone is silent by letting us lend a helping hand:

“Our phones stopped ringing. Our customers can finally sign up on their own.”

-A LOT of different people

Pull up a chair

Customer satisfaction is the reason we keep going. And there’s always another spot at our table. The best part is it’s not hard to discover how our platform can work for you. Come sample Captyn for yourself with an easy demo done by a helpful expert. Gratitude guaranteed. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole Captyn team!

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