Why we exist

I was you—and I feel your pain.

As a former director myself, I longed for an easier way to manage my customers, their registrations, and the money coming into and out of our business.

I tried paper. I tried spreadsheets. I tried one of the many software companies that claim to solve this problem. But I was left with headaches.

So I set out to fix it.

In 2018, I founded Captyn with the resolve to cure the most pressing problems registrations-based businesses face when it comes to managing their customers.

We make it easy for customers to sign up. We make it easy for admins to manage. We make it simple for staff to have all the information they need to do their job. And we make it affordable.

Our promise is to keep making it better so that you can offer the world what you do best.


Wyn Saunier
Founder and CEO of Captyn

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