5 Things to Think of Before You Run a Successful Camp–of Any Kind!

Whether you’re coordinating a summer camp, fitness class, sports club, or otherwise, planning each day can be more stressful than planning a wedding. But unlike a wedding, you don’t need a planner; you need a platform. With Captyn to help you prepare, you’ll get the bliss of accomplishment without any of the anxiety. Here are the best tips for running a great camp and keeping your customers coming back for more.

It’s all about word of mouth

The good news is there is always another way for you to get your name out there. Even if you’re already reaping the benefits of an active social media and customer-friendly website, there might be ways to improve upon your approach in the next steps as well.

Consider branding any outreach and other public pages with your logo or colors, features which are available through Captyn. You can also customize the content of automated emails that go directly to your customers. Even if you’re not particularly established yet, presenting and communicating with confidence, professionalism, and personality will go a long way toward securing clients and subsequent referrals.

It pays to plan ahead…

While this may seem like no-brainer, it is in fact a full-brainer. Planning ahead means looking out for every eventuality. This means itinerary, materials, staffing, and most importantly safety. Keeping the emergency contact numbers of your attendees (and having them readily accessible) is crucial for covering your bases. Captyn helps you keep track of client information and even lets you add internal notes to keep track of individual customer’s needs. This way, you can cater to them while keeping them safe too.

…But it also pays to improvise

If your customers are kids in summer camp or even adults in running club, either way it’s important to listen and adapt to the clients. You control the agenda; the agenda doesn’t control you. While it’s tempting to overplan, if you notice your customers responding to a certain approach or activity, don’t be afraid to adjust accordingly. Play to their strengths, strengthen their weaknesses, and pursue their interests. The happier your clients, the more likely they are to practice that good word of mouth we were talking about earlier.

It literally pays to track your revenue

Stay organized! Whether your operation is small or large, be consistent in your registration regimen, diligently tracking enrollment and revenue from the very first customer. The right platform can be the instructor’s assistant of your dreams. Fortunately, Captyn excels at helping you take attendance and move your customers from one program to another in just two clicks. There’s also custom reporting with billing categories for all your financials, so nothing slips through the cracks. It even features scheduled recurring payments to take reminders off your mind. The more you can outsource organization electronically, the more you can focus on giving your camp clientele the best experience possible.

It isn’t school

The only way to keep the vibe fun is to have some fun yourself. If you’re acting as coordinator or counselor, your clients – like students of any age – are going to feed off whatever energy you’re projecting. That doesn’t mean you should hide your stress; instead, relieve it. Let Captyn take any anxiety out of the equation. Contact our team for a demo today.

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