5 Easy Tips to Grow Your Client Base Today

There’s a saying that if you make a sale you can make a living, but if you make an investment – of quality time and of good service – you can make a fortune. Whatever kind of business you’re building, this principle remains true. But before you build a fortune, you probably have to build a client base. It’s not as hard as you might think. In fact, growing and maintaining those hard-to-reach customers is just five simple steps away.

Remember clients are people, not prospects

When you’re trying to make a profit, it can be easy to forget about a personal touch. Whether you’re dealing with an existing or potential client, they’re going to value patience and personality. Afford them a reasonable grace period when it comes to communication (at least 24 hours), and make sure you’re contacting them at a reasonable time of day. 

It also pays to make sure you’re using their names when possible and not dispensing with pleasantries. A little extra effort in this regard can go a long way. It may sound simple, but it’s supposed to be! Remember, you’ve been a client before too. Don’t lose sight of what you value in customer service, and pay it forward in kind.  

Organize your client information

Once you’ve smiled, shaken hands, and secured a few clients, it can be incredibly crucial to sort their information. This is important not just for daily management but seamless growth as well. You want to be able to contact them quickly and easily, distinguish clients by the type of service you’re providing, in case you want to offer a deal around that specific service.

It’s easy to imagine how quickly this can go wrong: cluttered cabinets full of papers or cards, chaotic documents with unmemorable names floating around your hard-drive. 

Luckily, Captyn manages all this for you. Create bulk lists that are built for easy text or email email communication. Roster management is also two-clicks away, making it simple to track finances, take attendance, shift schedules, and more.

Offer your knowledge

If you’re providing a service, you’re probably packing a cache of specialized knowledge that people are eager to have. Sharing tidbits of your insight can make people want to shell out for the whole thing. Consider offering free trials to convince others of your chops first-hand.

Newsletters can also be key to building out a client base. Emphasize your unique insights, offer tips, spotlight your clients, and keep readers engaged with an easy-to-follow format. Most importantly, newsletters often get forwarded, which makes it all the more important that they get into existing clients’ inboxes in the first place. Did we mention you’re going to want to keep their contact information organized? Because Captyn can be really good for keeping client information organized.     

Reward loyalty

You’ve done the hard work to secure new clients; now keep them. If they’re comfortable (and explicitly give their consent), give customers a shout on your business’ social media. This can increase their confidence in both your service and themselves! And if they share the post too, it’s the free promotion you crave.

Also, never underestimate the power of a coupon. The prospect of discounts or promotions are tough to ignore. With Captyn, you can create unlimited digital coupons, assigning them to individuals, groups, or just about anyone. It’s a surefire way to keep that clientele coming back for more (and spread the word about you too). 

Communicate effectively

The typical return on investment for email communication is hard to argue with, as long as you’re using it well. Consider sending welcome emails and announcements of your new or expiring offers. It might also prove helpful to ask for individual feedback to improve your services if your clients are comfortable giving it.

Captyn allows you to customize all automatic email communications to your clients, making sure they don’t miss any new deals or payment reminders. Being accessible, open, and communicative are key to keeping customers around and word of mouth active.

If you want full access to the tools you need to build out your client base, contact us at Captyn. You can schedule a demo with a member of our team and optimize your operation today.

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