5 top issues facing dance schools and effective solutions to overcome them

Everyone has to start somewhere. For anyone passionate about pirouettes, pointed toes, or Paso Doble, that almost certainly means dance school. These institutions are an integral part of the dance community, serving as a hub for aspiring dancers to receive professional training and hone their skills. However, running a dance school can be a challenging task with numerous obstacles to overcome–some more predictable than others. But with forward thinking and effective technology, dance schools can close the curtain on any problems that cross their stage. 


One of the biggest issues facing dance schools today is funding. Many of these organizations are not-for-profit, relying heavily on grants, donations, and fundraising to cover their expenses. With limited resources, it can be challenging to provide the necessary training, supplies, or setting for students.

Solution: To address this issue, dance schools can explore strategies such as crowdfunding campaigns, grants, and corporate sponsorships, both locally and nationally. Offering scholarships and financial aid programs to students who demonstrate financial need can also bolster any class roster. When it comes to monitoring finances, Captyn’s platform includes a financial management tool that enables dance schools to track their expenses and revenue, making it easier to manage funds effectively.

Teacher retention

Unfortunately, dance schools can fall victim to a high teacher turnover rate, as talented professionals often leave to pursue other professional opportunities on the stage themselves. While anyone can leave for any number of reasons, dance schools are nevertheless left with the challenge of finding replacements quickly.

Solution: To retain teachers, dance schools can try to offer competitive compensation packages, professional development opportunities, and of course a supportive work environment. While additional pay is easier said than done, providing regular feedback, recognition, and appreciation can also go a long way toward retaining instructors. When it comes to daily operations, Captyn also massively reduces class strain by streamlining tasks like check-in, customer communication, and more. On average, some users save 40 hours per week of staff time! By removing the stress and time-commitment of the more menial tasks, studios may be able to keep some of their time (and money) while also keeping their teachers.

Student retention

If making teachers stick around weren’t hard enough, keeping students can be just as challenging. Whether it’s due to financial constraints, personal reasons, or lack of motivation, too many students choose to start their dance journey but ultimately not continue.

Solution: To retain students, dance schools can offer flexible payment plans, discounts for long-term commitments, and incentives for those who refer their friends. Moreover, offering a variety of dance styles and classes can keep students engaged and motivated across disciplines. Captyn can also help solve attendance issues with its scheduling tool that allows dance schools to offer flexible class times and locations, making it easier for students to attend classes. 


Crucially, most dance schools face intense competition from other schools, studios, and even independent teachers. This factor can contribute to not only the aforementioned struggle for student retention but teacher retention as well. 

Solution: To stay competitive, dance schools can differentiate themselves by offering unique programs, performances, and events. They can also leverage social media and digital marketing to reach a wider audience and showcase their offerings. To this end, again Captyn can come through for schools, helping them offer coupons, apply credits, pro-rate classes, and establish a brand identity with their signature colors and logo. By offering and applying discounts responsibly, dance studios can generate effective word-of-mouth from customers who know the value that their school provides. 

Health and safety

Ensuring the health and safety of dance schools is of paramount importance, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, and given the potential physical risks that may arise from rigorous dancing. Dance schools must ensure that their facilities are safe and hygienic and that students and teachers follow proper protocols, which have to be communicated clearly.

Solution: To promote health and safety, dance schools can implement strict cleaning protocols, provide personal protective equipment, and enforce social distancing guidelines. They can even offer virtual classes and outdoor classes to reduce the risk of any illness transmission if the space allows for it. For any issues specific to any student, parents can disclose this upon registering through the Captyn platform, submitting everything from health-related conditions to t-shirt sizes–all stored and accepted within Captyn.

Running a dance school is clearly not without its challenges. However, by effectively addressing the top issues and implementing the top technology, dance schools can thrive while providing valuable training and opportunities for aspiring dancers. Captyn is happy to help you face down any management obstacles. Contact us for a quick walk-through today!

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