Avoiding burnout in athletes: tips for coaches of any sport

It’s been said that burnout is a lack of respect for your own boundaries. As a coach, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure that your athletes are learning to respect their own,  both physically and mentally. While it’s important that they perform at their best and discover their capabilities through hard work, when overtaxed, the consequences can be lasting, whether they’re being pushed by others or themselves. This state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion from prolonged and excessive stress can lead to a suffering in their performance and overall well-being. Especially when dealing with young athletes, it’s critical that coaches help kids know their limits in addition to their capabilities. If you’re one of those coaches, here’s how you can ensure you’re doing right by your athlete:

Monitor workload

While your athlete may be pursuing additional training on their own, as their coach, you should control the majority of their workload. The first thing you should do is your research. Find trust sources; talk to other coaches; do what you can to make sure that your team’s training and competition schedule is appropriate for their age, skill level, and physical condition. Too much training or competition can lead to physical exhaustion, increasing the risk of injury. On the flipside, too little rigor can lead to boredom and lack of motivation. By monitoring the workload closely, you can tactfully use trial and error, making necessary adjustments to keep your athletes at their best.

Encourage rest and recovery

When critical competitions loom, rest and recovery might seem like an athlete’s enemy. After all, practice time is precious. However, as a coach, you should encourage your athletes to take time off to rest and recover between training sessions and competitions. This can include proper sleep, nutrition, hydration, and stretching. You can also incorporate active recovery activities such as yoga or swimming to help your athletes recover from especially intense workouts.

Encouraging rest and recovery is also one way of guiding athletes toward a more balanced lifestyle. Not only will this minimize their chances of experiencing burn out, it will benefit their overall well-being to pursue other interests outside of their sport, such as their personal hobbies, social activities, or academics. While we all love dedicated athletes, there are dangers in being too single-minded, and if a young person invests their whole selves into one pursuit, it can potentially lead to lasting consequences. A sense of balance and perspective will inevitably help them in their growth.

Foster a positive team environment

The team experience can also have a significant impact on an athlete’s well-being. As a coach, it’s up to you to establish the tone and help create a positive atmosphere by promoting open communication, setting clear expectations, and encouraging teamwork. When athletes feel supported and valued, they are more likely to enjoy their sport and be motivated to perform at their best. Win-win! 

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is an important part of preventing burnout. Athletes who feel like they are constantly falling short of unrealistic expectations can become frustrated and lose motivation. As a coach, you should work with your athletes to set achievable goals that are challenging but also realistic. Sometimes you may find yourself pushing them too hard; other times, you may notice they’re doing it to themselves. Either way, it’s up to you as a trusted authority figure to set the bar at a reasonable level for their own sake. 

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