Embracing inclusivity: how to adapt to all abilities in your swim school

Your title may be Swim Coach, but you’re not just teaching a sport; you’re building up a life skill, beyond teaching strokes and techniques. It’s up to you to empower individuals of any age, promoting physical fitness, and fostering confidence. It’s also up to you to make your water as welcoming as possible by creating an environment that adapts to swimmers of all abilities and backgrounds. Inclusive instincts may come naturally, but certain techniques may not. To make sure you’re doing everything you can for your students, let’s explore the importance of inclusivity in swim schools and get some practical tips to ensure that every swimmer feels valued and empowered.

More than a buzzword

Inclusivity is an essential aspect of providing quality instruction. Research has shown that diverse and inclusive environments contribute to improved learning outcomes and increased participation rates, according to the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability. When you embrace all abilities, you open the doors for individuals who might otherwise never know the challenges, triumphs, and life lessons that come from the swimming experience. You’re not alone in this either! We’ve got just the right tools and tips to help you make it happen:

Top 7 tips to adapt

  1. Assessment and individualization: Begin by conducting thorough assessments of each swimmer’s abilities and needs. This will allow you to tailor your instruction to different learning styles and physical capabilities. Write down everything you observe, and keep it in a central, accessible location. You should also be aware of any medical conditions or sensitivities that your swimmers might have. This knowledge helps you provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. On the Captyn management platform, the internal notes feature allows you to keep track of anything that just you and your team need to know about–and revisit it whenever necessary. 
  1. Communication is key: Establish an open line of communication with both the swimmers and their parents or guardians. Discuss any specific requirements, concerns, or goals they may have. This helps build trust and ensures that everyone is on the same page. With free, seamless communication via email or text, Captyn helps you stay in touch with clients from registration, instruction, and beyond.
  1. Trained staff: Provide continuous training for your coaching staff on inclusivity, adaptive techniques, and effective communication. Depending on the degree of any disability, “trainers and instructors should be certified through a national organization, such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), or the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Some certifications, such as the Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer (ACSM/NCHPAD CIFT) offered by ACSM and NCHPAD, require knowledge of specific disabilities and chronic health conditions as they relate to exercise in order to provide a comprehensive exercise program that is safe and effective.” When your instructors are well-equipped and well trained, they can provide a more supportive, safer experience for all swimmers.
  1. Adaptive equipment: Invest in adaptive equipment that can make learning easier for swimmers with disabilities. Items like flotation devices, pool noodles, and adaptive swimwear can provide extra support and boost confidence.
  1. Flexible teaching approaches: Different individuals require different teaching approaches. Some might benefit from visual demonstrations, while others prefer verbal explanations. Either way, be prepared to adapt your teaching methods to suit each swimmer’s needs. That might even mean having your swimmers help each other! Consider implementing a buddy system where more experienced swimmers can pair up with those who need extra assistance. With your continued supervision, this can not only promote their skill progression but also foster peer support (and maybe even formative friendships).
  1. Inclusive language: Pay attention to the language you use during your sessions. Even when constructive criticism is necessary (this is coaching after all), use positive and encouraging words that emphasize effort and improvement rather than focusing solely on performance outcomes. This way, you’re ultimately fostering their growth as individuals as well as swimmers. When an authority figure like you recognizes and celebrates the progress of your swimmer, regardless of their abilities, you’re creating an encouraging atmosphere that may affect them more deeply than you realize.
  1. Parent workshops: Organize workshops for parents to educate them about the importance of inclusivity and how they can support their child’s swimming journey. With clear, proactive communication (both in-person and electronically), a well-informed parent is a valuable ally in fostering the inclusive environment you and their swimmer need. 

Your partner in proactivity

Every individual, regardless of their abilities, should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of swimming. In the process of educating them, you’re likely also educating yourself about different techniques and perspectives. 

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