Holiday shopping made easy for the swimmer in your life!

Big gift giving days are fast approaching! Are you worried about what to get the swimmer in your life? Whether they swim competitively in the pool or open water, belong to a swim school, swim club, masters swim team, or just like swimming for leisure…our friends from Finis have you covered!

Being in the midst of the Holiday season, it can seem like there can be many options to gift your loved ones. So, we thought we’d help you narrow it down with our top 5 picks!


Smart Goggle Kit

The Smart Goggle is labeled “Smart” for a reason, these are no ordinary goggles. The Smart Goggle tracks your laps, splits, stroke rate, and more. Even better, there is an in-goggle display where you can visually see some of your tracking mid-swim. Rather than spending time focusing on counting and keeping track of your laps, you can focus on your swimming and technique while your goggle does all the work. After your swim, you can head over to the Ciye™ app on your phone and see all the further in-depth results from your workout. This gift is great for the competitive swimmers and triathletes as well as anyone who loves to swim laps for fitness.

Swimmer in water with Finis Smart Goggle
Finis Smart Goggle Kit

Stability Snorkel

The Stability Snorkel is a great product for any swimmer you know! Using a snorkel creates a great opportunity to focus on your technique and body position because you don’t need to turn your head in order to breathe. This snorkel is also more comfortable because of the simplified design with no head bracket. You are able to train for more extended periods of time without discomfort!

Swimmer using Finis Stability Snorkel


Mermaid Dream Fin

Our Mermaid Dream Fin is perfect for any kids, specifically mermaid fanatics, in your life! Having this special monofin, allows your child to transform into a mermaid, gliding through the water with graceful movements and doing so safely! Even better, this fin allows children to wear it as they grow, as it features an adjustable strap and foam foot inserts. Your kid will be taking their next swim to a dream world!

Swimmer swimming with Finis Mermaid Dream Fin


Manta Paddle

If you don’t have Manta Paddles yet, you’re missing out! This paddle was designed to  increase strength, and efficiency. Vent holes allow you to maintain a feel for the water and also reduce stress on the shoulders! The shape size of the paddle helps to improve distance per stroke, which will make your stroke more efficient. Does it get even better? Yes, since it is a strapless paddle, there is no more fussing with uncomfortable and broken straps. If you know a swimmer trying to improve their technique, definitely choose the Manta holiday season!

Swimmer using Finis Manta Paddle


Rival 2.0 Tech Suit

Lastly, we got our rival 2.0 tech suit. This suit has a design like no other, featuring a shield-tech fabric surface that reduces friction. In our female suits, there is an added vertical chest seam in order to prevent air pockets and rather reinforce oblique and lower abdomen compression. On the flip side, our male suits focus on intensifying the compression on the back of the legs to the surface. These suits are perfect for the competitive swimmer in your life that is looking to perform their best in their next race!

Swimmer on pool deck in Finis tech suit
Swimmer on pool deck in Finis tech suit

We hope that we’ve helped you narrow down your list! Free free to explore more at From your friends at Captyn and Finis, we’re wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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