How custom private swim lessons can take you from empty lanes to full pockets

Managing resources can be just as tricky as managing people. No one knows this better than a swim coach. Leaving empty lanes vacant in your pool is like leaving money on the table in poker. While maximizing group sessions is essential, there’s another largely untapped opportunity that’s worth gambling on–one that can significantly boost your revenue and offer immense value to your clients: custom private swim lessons. How can these sessions benefit both your business and the swimmers you serve? And if your pool is suddenly full, how can you efficiently manage all the people in it? Dive in for the answers you’re looking for. 

The potential of custom private swim lessons

Often, swim coaches/pool managers focus on group sessions due to the perception that it’s the most efficient way to utilize their resources. However, custom private lessons offer a unique opportunity to cater to individual swimmers’ needs, allowing them to progress at their own pace. By tailoring every aspect of the experience to the swimmer’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, you create a deeper connection between the swimmer and the coach.

To that end, having the coach’s undivided attention can hasten a swimmer’s skill development even more. No more competing for attention in group lessons where individual needs can get overlooked. This personalized time means immediate feedback, quicker corrections, and more significant progress in a shorter period.

The lessons for all levels

One of the most significant advantages of offering custom private lessons is that they are suitable for swimmers of all levels – from beginners to advanced athletes. For beginners, the one-on-one instruction can help build a solid foundation, instilling proper technique and confidence from the start. For advanced swimmers, private lessons can be tailored to focus on specific areas, such as stroke refinement, turns, starts, or even mental preparation for competitions. Either way, your student gets the most for their time and money while you get the most of your pool. 

The hidden revenue streams

Speaking of money, choosing to monetize your empty lane space with custom private lessons can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. The premium pricing for personalized instruction allows you to maximize your revenue potential while still delivering exceptional value to your clients. Additionally, you can use these private sessions to fill in the gaps between your regular group sessions, ensuring that your pool is meeting its potential regularly.

The promotion

Don’t just offer lessons; ANNOUNCE THEM. To successfully market custom private sessions, implement the following strategies:

  1. Customized packages: Offer various packages with different time durations and frequency options to cater to various budgets and schedules.
  1. Promotional offers: Attract clients with limited-time discounts or “first lesson free” promotions to encourage them to try the personalized experience.
  1. Testimonials and success stories: Share success stories of swimmers who have excelled through custom private lessons to build credibility and trust.
  1. Social media and web presence: Utilize social media platforms and your website to promote your new offers and interact with potential clients.
  1. Collaborations: Partner with local schools, clubs, or organizations to spread the word about your services.

The right tools

Who says being a swim instructor is easy? But just because getting the most out of your pool isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing. Unlocking the hidden potential of monetizing your empty lane space through custom private swim lessons is a win-win for both your swim coaching business and the swimmers. 

Just because you’re now offering two types of lessons doesn’t mean you need two laptops to keep organized. Captyn’s got your all-in-one solution, including features for registration, payment management, branding, communication, and so much more. Create various types of programming with our recurring schedule set-up; you can even use a custom template in the portal for private lessons. Not only that, all your swimmers’ critical information (from emergency contacts, to t-shirt sizes, to internal notes) can be consolidated. 

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