Mastering pre-race nerves: mental preparation for swimmers

For swimmers, the sight of the starting blocks can often come with a surge of nerves that can either elevate their performance or hinder their potential. As a swim coach, helping your athletes mentally prepare is just as crucial as refining their backstroke. By using these key tips, you can help them embrace the thrill of competition, ensuring they dive into races with confidence and focus.

1. Acknowledge and normalize nervousness

First and foremost, it’s essential to help swimmers understand that experiencing pre-race nerves is perfectly normal. This kind of anxiety is a physiological response to heightened anticipation and excitement. By acknowledging and discussing this phenomenon openly with your whole team, you create an environment where athletes feel understood and can better manage their emotions.

2. Develop pre-race rituals

Routines provide a sense of comfort and stability in times of uncertainty. Encourage swimmers to establish pre-race rituals that help them mentally transition into the competitive mindset. This could be a specific warm-up routine, a playlist of motivational songs, or calming breathing exercises. Specifically, deep, controlled breaths can help lower heart rate and reduce feelings of anxiety. Any of these rituals (and many others) can help swimmers focus their thoughts and ease their nerves. 

3. Promote goal setting and visualization

Setting clear, achievable goals is a powerful technique for swimmers to channel their nervous energy positively. Work with your athletes to set both outcome objectives (like personal best times) and process goals ( like maintaining a strong kick throughout the race). What’s more, introduce them to visualization exercises where they mentally rehearse their race from start to finish, picturing themselves overcoming specific obstacles, and therefore manifesting success.

4. Encourage positive self-talk

On this same front, the way swimmers talk to themselves directly impacts their mindset before a race. Teach them to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. For instance, transforming “I’m so nervous; I might mess up” into “I’m prepared, and I can handle any challenge that comes my way” can make a significant difference in their self-confidence. It’s a habit just like any other that takes practice and repetition–both of which are made easier with your encouragement.

5. Focus on the process, not just the outcome

While winning is undoubtedly a goal (hence our tip about visualization), emphasizing the process alongside the outcome can help swimmers shift their focus away from anxiety-inducing thoughts. Encourage them to concentrate on their technique, pacing, and strategies during the race rather than fixating solely on the result. By doing so, they stay engaged in the moment and perform to the best of their abilities.

6. Embrace pressure as a positive force

Who says pressure is always a bad thing? It’s all about perception. Instead of viewing it as a negative burden, encourage them to see pressure as a driving force that sharpens their focus and elevates their performance. Remind them that feeling nervous means they care deeply about their performance, which is a sign of dedication and passion.

7. Learn from every experience

Post-race analysis isn’t limited to evaluating physical performance; it also extends to mental preparation. Swim meets can be chaotic, and with so many swimmers and races to management, it can be easy to neglect important conversation. Even so, try to prioritzie post-race follow-up discussions with your swimmers (both as a team and as individuals). Talk about how they managed their nerves and what techniques worked best for them. This reflection will enable them to refine their mental strategies for future races.

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